Hold To Earn Casino Loyalty Program | Trueplay

Trueplay introduces a unique loyalty program for your casino - Hold To Earn. Set up a tool to increase the engagement of your users in just a few clicks!
The crypto industry is constantly evolving and adding new tools to provide great opportunities to its members. Staking has become one of the most popular tools, having confidently declared itself in the decentralized finance (DeFi) field.
Cryptocurrency staking is a process that involves depositing funds in a digital wallet for an extended period to support the verification of transactions. Users earn extra cryptocurrency by participating in transactions’ verifications.

Unique tokenized program for your users

Trueplay improves on this model and introduces a unique program for your platform - Hold To Earn. With just a few clicks, you can set up a tool to increase the engagement of your users.
Trueplay has created interconnected programs that can be used individually and provide even more benefits when used together. The Play To Earn section describes how players can be guaranteed to receive your tokens for their bets. The Hold To Earn program can be a great plan of action after receiving tokens. Of course, users can purchase tokens on the market after the listing or buy them on the Token Sale.

Hold To Earn is a program of locking tokens for a certain period of time to get more assets as a reward.

The key advantage is the absence of risks for users. Rewards are credited from a pool, which is a set percentage of your platform's revenue. When the income of your platform shows growth, then the Hold To Earn participants receive tokens as a reward. In the event that some player wins a large amount and your platform shows a negative indicator of income, the holders will receive back their tokens staked on the holding after the end of the holding period they have chosen.

User experience in the Hold To Earn program

User must be registered on the platform and own your tokens. On the token page, each owner of tokens can become a holder by choosing the holding period and the number of tokens to hold.
After the user-selected holding period, the tokens are returned to the balance with the reward. The users can track their current holding and the history of the previous holdings.
The users will be able to use the received tokens as a crypto asset or withdraw them to the platform’s balance for playing their favorite games.
By integrating the solution from Trueplay, you can customize all the parameters (choose the most suitable holding periods for you and set the reward percentage for your users). For more information on how to tokenize your platform and add the Hold To Earn program, check the Admin Panel section.