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Get to know the largest trends that are dominating the online gambling industry now and how you can leverage them to optimise your business.
The gaming industry is already approaching 3 billion users worldwide. At the same time, experts predict further growth in this area. For example, Research and Markets analysts are confident that by 2025 the CAGR of the online gaming market will be 12% and the entire industry will be valued at $112.09 billion.
But most of the existing platforms don’t meet the modern players’ requirements and continue to provide an outdated service. At the same time, new technologies are moving the industry forward, providing players with new opportunities not only to raise their dopamine levels but also to get rewards.
We can see a new trend that has emerged in global gaming - GameFi, which is based on blockchain technology and the Play-to-earn model.

Blockchain integration

Summing up the results of the past few years, no one has the slightest doubt that blockchain is the future of the entertainment industry. And this is not surprising, because this industry always benefits from innovative technologies as much as possible since it’s this way that provides the opportunity to provide its users with the best gaming environment. Users are always looking for security and transparency, which is why blockchain is the perfect solution to build a bridge of honesty between gamers and platforms. Thus, we have a win-win scenario.
Many experienced players can no longer use standard gaming platforms because there are already crypto casinos on the market that not only introduce cryptocurrencies as payment methods but also integrate various gamified approaches.

Play-to-earn model

Previously, gamers were only able to use the play-to-free model. This means that apart from the enjoyment of the gaming experience, they received nothing. But times are changing and platforms are trying to offer even more options. Thus, a play-to-earn model appeared, with the help of which players can receive tokenized cashback for their actions on the platform. This is an additional incentive for users and a great opportunity to show the business respect for their community.
Last year we witnessed the beginning of the in-game tokenomics creating and play-to-earn gaming. However, experts are confident that this trend will be popular for a long time. Blockchain technology has once again been able to open the blue ocean, now it is a new level of interaction with gamers. The P2E model allows businesses to create digital assets and allow players to swap them through the gaming infrastructure. As a result, Play-to-earn is not a marketing ploy, but an attempt to shape a new economic model.

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