Comprehensive Platform Overview

Trueplay provides Tokenized Loyalty Programs for iGaming. Learn about our product, approach and workflow in this overview.


Trueplay is a tech company that turns over digital industries by tokenizing and moving businesses to Web 3. We help projects open up new opportunities and enter the future with its billion-worth crypto market.
We carry out brands to Web 3, making it safe and easy. If earlier this process required huge time and development costs, now you only need Trueplay to update your project with effective loyalty, issue your own branded token and make a breakthrough.
Trueplay helps make your users come back time after time through tokenized rewards for making bets. Offer your users the engaging crypto experience, gamify your platform and launch tokenized loyalty that boosts all your metrics.
This platform offers all the tools you need to tokenize your business.
How it works
  • Integrate Trueplay platform
  • Configure all parameters in a user-friendly interface
  • Use your own token for payments
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