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Trueplay is the first trusted blockchain solution for iGaming business. Read more about our business, approach and workflow in this Overview.

Welcome to​

First trusted blockchain solution for iGaming business.

Trueplay is for those who value transparency and strive to increase the level of honesty. This blockchain product platform offers all the tools you need to tokenize your business.
If earlier this process required huge time costs, negotiations with developers, and many monthly settings, now you only need a few clicks to turn your project into a place where each user can be sure that they are in a trusted and secure environment.
Trueplay platform bridges you with a billion-worth crypto market.
How does it work?
💎Integrate Trueplay platform
💎Configure all parameters in a user-friendly interface
💎Use your own token for payments
📍The more users trust a business, the more successful it will be📍
Trueplay helps to create a loyal community by providing full financial transparency through a tokenized approach (all transactions and events are entered into the blockchain and cannot be manipulated). You also have the opportunity to offer your users an interesting crypto experience and a gamified way to get even more of your tokens (you have access to the option of launching unique tokenized bonus programs).
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