CopyStake allows you to invite streamers and hold live playing sessions right on your website.

It provides players with the opportunity to automatically replicate the streamerโ€™s bets, sharing all the wins and losses.

Bring your streamers inside

You can work with the same streamers as before the CopyStake integration, but now, they can connect to your platform and interact with players in a new way.

How it works?

  • Users visit the CopyStake page, where they select a preferred streamer.

  • Once connected to a stream, players proceed to top up their Game Balance, specifying the desired bet amount and the number of spins they want to replicate.

  • Next, they simply switch on bet replication and wait for the outcome.

First stream convertion

Expand the number of active users by inviting popular streamers to perform on your iGaming platform. Thousands of users will follow their favorite streamer to the platform to watch their thrilling gameplay and interact by copying their bets.

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