Operator Fees

Trueplay charges the operator the following fees for using their platform:

  • 5% of all Play to Earn rewards credited to users

  • 5% of all Hold to Earn rewards credited to users

  • 5% for platform rewards

  • 1% per token deposit on the Trueplay page

  • 1% per token withdrawal from the Trueplay page


Trueplay generates an invoice for the operator on the first day of each new month, which includes:

  • Fees for using Trueplay

  • Pledge Amount*

* The Pledge Amount is equivalent to the token emission distributed to users during the previous month.

You can pay the invoice by sending USDT to the BSC network address shown on the invoice (BEP-20).

The operatorโ€™s balance on their Trueplay account is updated after the transfer.

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