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Welcome Newsletter

You need to send your user database the first newsletter about the Loyalty page launch to boost activity.
In the first email, tell your users about the Loyalty page launch and the earning opportunities with Play to Earn and Hold to Earn — how to gain rewards, stake them, and deposit/withdraw loyalty tokens.
Give users a treat by saying they already have something on their loyalty balance as a registration bonus, so they can try to Hold to Earn with short-term welcome staking.

Welcome newsletter template

Discover all the benefits of LT
Boost your profits easily
Welcome to the LT widget! Discover the platform’s token that’s easy to acquire and can be used to multiply your profits.
How to get LT on [brand name]?
Get rakeback in tokens for each bet in games as part of the Play to Earn program. This way, you can earn regardless of game outcomes.
How to increase profits with LT?
Play and multiply the acquired tokens with Hold to Earn. Stake LT for eight hours, one day, or three days and get a fraction of the total casino profits. The average annual income of our holders is 535%! For instance, if you stake tokens equivalent to $100 daily, then after a year you can effortlessly earn up to $535.
What else can you do with LT?
You can convert the token into the currency of your gaming account and continue to play, or withdraw LT to your crypto wallet. Moreover, our token is already being traded on decentralized exchanges, meaning you can trade it!