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What you wanted to know before the start

What results can my brand reach with Trueplay?

Trueplay focuses on key business indicators, fosters solid ties with your clientele, and combines an interactive user experience with a gamification strategy. This ultimately enhances their dedication to your brand and boosts profitability.
Trueplay integration examples demonstrate that the retention rate increases by 12% in a span of only two months.
Expect Trueplay to boost your ARPU (average revenue per user), retention of second deposits, ROMI (return on marketing investment), and various other metrics.

What is the Trueplay product?

We have developed branded loyalty programs that help iGaming businesses boost user retention. Trueplay runs as a Loyalty page built on the brand’s website and allows casino brands to launch their own branded loyalty, Play to Earn, and Hold to Earn programs, as well as marketing campaigns.
Additionally, our standalone Trueplay Explorer provides transaction data for casino end-users, so they can check it anytime. This level of transparency will increase trust in your brand.

How does Trueplay work?

During the first step of Trueplay integration, a branded loyalty token with parameters that match your casino’s key metrics and users is created to form the loyalty system basis.
The business model is based on the following flow: a casino rewards users for their activity. Then a casino gets its branded loyalty back from users who return to play more.
There are three types of programs in Trueplay:
  • Play to Earn — users receive rakeback for making bets on the casino website
  • Hold to Earn — a certain fraction of the casino GGR is distributed among holding pool participants. The bigger the share, the more rewards users can receive
  • Marketing campaigns — players can get no deposit bonuses for various activities, such as registration, KYC, first deposit, etc.
Users can add their loyalty to Hold to Earn to get more rewards, withdraw it to their casino balance, or to their own wallets.

How are loyalty rewards calculated?

The Play to Earn reward is calculated as Bet Amount * Bet Wager. Users can see bet wagers in the Play to Earn settings.
The Hold to Earn reward calculation is based on the GGR that a casino gets during the time a program lasts: 8 hours, 1 day, or 3 days. The reward is calculated as GGR during the holding program * GGR share defined in program condition * User share in holding pool * Loyalty Token exchange rate.

How does Trueplay engage users?

  • Players consider Hold to Earn a safe alternative to gambling. It is also safe for casinos — if your GGR is below zero, users will get back the same amount of loyalty they held
  • Users can withdraw their loyalty to their casino balance to play games
  • Users have to do a gaming activity to get more from staking
  • Trueplay provides engaging features like marketing campaigns and referral rewards. Thus, players get rewards for lots of activities within your casino and keep coming back for more