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What results can my platform reach with Trueplay?

Trueplay focuses on key business indicators to boost the platform’s profitability.

Our research results demonstrate Trueplay’s positive impact on the financial performance of iGaming brands, enhancing their bet per user amount, NGR, deposit volume, and retention rate.

What is the Trueplay product?

One platform — three remarkable solutions!

Trueplay runs as a full-fledged loyalty page built on the brand’s website that allows operators to launch Play to Earn, Hold to Earn, and CopyStake features. Trueplay transforms a traditional iGaming platform into a complete system that covers gaming, streaming, and loyalty gamification.

We provide a Trueplay Explorer tool that displays transaction data for the platform’s end-users, so they can check their activity anytime. This level of transparency will significantly enhance trust and confidence in your brand.

Additionally, to maximize the effectiveness of Trueplay loyalty programs, we offer Marketing Campaigns as a bonus to increase loyalty program awareness among platform users.

How does Trueplay work?

The Trueplay integration starts with establishing the loyalty system. In the Trueplay admin panel, the operator creates a branded loyalty token with parameters that match their platform’s key metrics and users.

The business model is based on the following flow:

  1. The operator rewards users for their activity.

  2. In return, the platform gets increased loyalty from users who come back for more.

Trueplay programs consist of three unique features that create a holistic user experience.

  • Play to Earn: players receive rakeback tokens for making bets on the iGaming platform.

  • Hold to Earn: users can freeze their tokens for added rewards based on a certain fraction of the platform’s GGR distributed among Hold to Earn participants. The bigger the user’s share, the bigger their reward.

  • CopyStake: players can watch live streams and copy the streamers’ bets directly on your platform.

  • Marketing Campaigns: users can get no-deposit bonuses for various activities, such as registration, completing KYC, first deposit, etc.

Note: Loyalty tokens may be frozen within Hold to Earn, or they can be withdrawn to the platform balance or personal wallets.

How are loyalty rewards calculated?

  • The Play to Earn reward is calculated as:

Bet Amount * Bet Wager

To check bet wagers, users should navigate to the Play to Earn settings.

  • The Hold to Earn reward is based on the platform’s GGR generated over the program duration, which is 8 hours, 1 day, or 3 days. The reward is calculated as:

GGR during the Hold to Earn * GGR share defined by the program * User’s share in the holding pool * Loyalty Token exchange rate

How does Trueplay attract users?

  • Players consider Hold to Earn a safe alternative to betting. It is risk-free for both players and platforms because if the GGR turns out to be negative, the platform doesn’t have to give out any rewards, but users get back the same amount of loyalty tokens they had frozen.

  • When users get rewards, they can withdraw their loyalty tokens to the platform’s balance and continue playing games.

  • To get more from Hold to Earn, players should engage in a gaming activity to receive rakeback tokens from Play to Earn.

  • For new players, Trueplay provides the engaging Marketing Campaigns feature that rewards players for various activities and stokes their interest.

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