Play to Earn

Learn how P2E can boost your players’ loyalty

Win-Win comes TRUE

A great selection of games, exciting tournaments, and nice bonuses attract a lot of people to gaming platforms. But the players’ priority is always to win something.
Betting and playing come with some risk, as winnings are by no means guaranteed, so it creates a sense of security for a player to always get rewarded just for playing.
And winning means loyalty. Business success depends on loyal players, and every platform strives to be the one the user will choose for longer than just one game.

What is Play to Earn

Over the past decade, gaming platforms used to offer a free-to-play model in which users only got joy from playing games. To benefit from such loyalty programs, users have to wait impatiently for the rewards to be credited, and sometimes prove their eligibility for bonuses. Today, you can change the rules with branded loyalty programs.
Trueplay offers a new play-to-earn model, which is a win-win scenario for both the player and the business. Play to Earn is about getting loyalty rakeback from every bet. This is a way to motivate users and introduce internal loyalty tokens as a basic asset on the platform. This approach helps to scale the user base and increase the level of loyalty to your business. Moreover, crediting in Play to Earn is automatic and users can always be sure that their balance will grow.

Benefits of Play to Earn

  • Boosting user loyalty
  • Attracting users to other programs (e.g., Hold to Earn)
  • Automatic loyalty token crediting for bets
  • Promoting your token on the platform
Play to Earn History on Loyalty page
Play to Earn is easy and fast to integrate. In just a few clicks, mark the games which participate in the program and what percentage of the bet users will receive in your tokens. You can read more about setting up the Play to Earn program on the Admin Panel page.