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Hold to Earn

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While Play to Earn, described in the previous section, allows players to receive tokens for each bet, the Hold to Earn program is the next step after receiving loyalty to make the wheel go round.

Hold to Earn locks loyalty tokens for a specified period of time to get more assets as a reward.

The key advantage is that there are no risks for users. Rewards are credited from a pool that is a set percentage of your platform’s revenue.
When the income of your platform shows growth, Hold to Earn participants get tokens as a reward. If the players win a large amount and your platform shows a negative income, the holders get back the same amount of tokens they staked after the end of the holding period.

User experience in Hold to Earn

Users have to register on the platform and own your branded loyalty. On the Loyalty page, each owner of loyalty rewards can hold them by choosing the period and the number of tokens.
Hold to Earn staking programs on Loyalty page
After the holding period, tokens are returned to the user balance with the reward. Users can track their current holding and the history of holdings.
Hold to Earn History on Loyalty page
Players can withdraw rewards to the casino balance to play their favorite games.
You can customize all the parameters, choose the most suitable holding periods for you, and set the reward percentage for your users.