Promo Campaigns | Trueplay


Operators can use Promo campaign functionality to give specific rewards to a segment of Trueplay users. Admin users can visit the Promo campaign via the left-side navigation bar (fig.1).
Campaign settings contain:
  • campaign name;
  • rewards types (token amount/custom Staking limit / Play To Earn multiplier);
  • automatical accruals conditions (registrations / KYC / deposit or bet volume);
  • expiration condition (expiration date / max user count).
Promo Campaign functionality also supports the ability to:
  • add/remove users to the Campaign using API;
  • add/remove users to the Campaign in the Admin Panel.
Campaign Creation To create a campaign, User needs to click on the Create Campaign button (fig.2)
and fill in the Campaign Creation form (fig.3).
  • Admin needs to provide a Campaign name and add at least one reward to create a Campaign.
  • Default Staking Limit Coefficient is 5000. If the Admin user needs to increase it - the new Staking Limit Coefficient should be more than the default.
  • Play To Earn multiplicator must be >=1.
  • When Expiration Date / Max Users Count is achieved - the campaign remains active, and rewards are available to users.
The campaign is created with a Draft default status.

Campaign Management

Campaign List includes data such as:
  • Campaign ID;
  • Campaign Creation Date;
  • Users count;
  • Campaign Status.
The List provides the following elements for campaign management: the dropdown menu to change Status; ability to see a List of Users added to the campaign; buttons to edit and delete the Campaign.
Campaigns should have such statuses: Draft - status is assigned after campaign creation, or when Expired, Deactivated campaigns are edited. Active - the campaign is active. Widget users should be added to the campaign. Expired - status is assigned in Expiration Date. Deactivated - status should be assigned to the Active campaign to make it inactive and cancel the ability to add users to it. Deleted - status is assigned when the Campaign is deleted.
Campaign statuses should be changed in the campaign list (fig.4)
Fig.4. Elements to manage Campaign Statuses
  • Active campaigns can’t be edited, and Admin users can only see the details.
  • Draft, Expired, and Deactivated campaigns can be deleted or edited (fig.5):
  • After editing of Expired, Deactivated campaigns got Draft status.
Fig.5. Editing and deleting campaigns

Add/remove users from the campaign

There is an option in the Admin Panel to add users to existing Active Campaigns (Fig. 6). To do this, select the IDs of the users you want to add (Fig. 7) and click on the Give Rewards button.
Fig.6. Interface to add users to the campaign
Fig.7. Pop-up to select users
In User List, admin user can remove users from the campaign (fig.8)
Fig.8. Remove users from the campaign

Working with Promo Campaigns using Trueplay API

Using Trueplay API Operator can add or remove users from the Campaign.