Blockchain Solutions Platform

Learn about the Trueplay features that will help you set up, track and analyze the performance of your Token, Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs.


Trueplay can see and store every transaction and every event that happens in a project. It aims to handle up to 99.99% of traffic from operators. The goal of Trueplay is to keep track of every event and provide transparency for the data.


Here you have all the settings needed to adjust token supply and circulation, set up Play to Earn and Hold to Earn programs, check user stats, and remove or add tabs with different analytics of your project to customize the layout of the token page that is accessible for your users.

Token Page

Token page is integrated as an iframe into any page on a partner’s website. Here users will see all token-related info and loyalty programs details.
  • Play to Earn program
  • Hold to Earn program
  • Token balance - all tokens possessed by token holders
  • Token deposit and withdrawal - to and from the balance of your project and/or a third-party crypto wallet
  • User history - keeping track of all actions and transactions made by the user
  • Partner’s valuable data - GGR, token price, reward pools, etc.

Smart Contracts

Trueplay uses the Ethereum blockchain network and smart contracts for business purposes. Smart contracts help establish various conditions for the performance of activities and act according to the rule: “The code is the law”.

ERC-20 Token

The ERC20 standard is easy to implement and it is a perfect way to attract funds, as the “totalSupply” function determines the total supply of tokens, and the other parameter is responsible for stopping the issuance of new tokens after the specified amount is reached.
In order for users who bought tokens to operate with them, “transfer” and “transferFrom” parameters are used. “Transfer” moves tokens from the platform address to investors, but the “transferFrom” function is needed so that one address can transfer tokens that are in the possession of another address.

Transaction Explorer

It is a public space where all your project’s records are stored, and anyone at any time can check the data. Transaction Explorer is a visual confirmation of actions on the platform and a guarantee of rewards credited to users’ balances.


A bridge for transferring tokens between Ethereum and Binance networks if applicable.